Biden Taps Reparations Advocate For Treasury Department Transition Team


Joe Biden has selected a radical reparations advocate to be part of his Treasury Department review team.

UCLA professor Mehrsa Baradaran, an outspoken reparations advocate for black Americans as a means of correcting “white supremacy,” is helping Biden’s transition in the Department of Treasury.

“A reparations program could take many forms from simple cash payments or baby bonds to more complex schemes such as subsidized college tuition, basic income, housing vouchers, or subsidized mortgage credit,” Baradaran wrote in her 2017 book The Color of Money: Black Banks and the Racial Wealth Gap.

Biden’s team has signaled they will look into providing reparations payments to blacks to atone for slavery.

“[Biden] believes that we should gather the data necessary to have an informed conversation about reparations, but he has not endorsed a specific bill,” a spokeswoman said during the campaign.

The sentiment that America owes blacks trillions in reparations stems from the New York Times’ debunked 1619 Project, which falsely claims that the American Revolution was mostly fought to preserve slavery.

Several leftist institutions and professors have floated different reparations price tags, with one economist calling for $12 trillion ($800,000 per individual) to be divvied out to black Americans whose ancestors were enslaved.

A black radical militia group demanded reparations from white drivers at gunpoint while protest-marching the Confederate Memorial Carving in Georgia on Independence Day.