Cristiano Ronaldo tells fans to ‘respect but not fear’ coronavirus

Cristiano Ronaldo has urged fans to ‘respect but not fear’ coronavirus in his first comments since testing positive on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old hit back at claims he had breached protocol by flying to Italy the following day as he insisted he had done everything by the book.

He also made comments that extolled the virtues of sunbathing during an Instagram Live, picked up by Portuguese media, as he addressed the importance of developing a strong immune system. 

Studies have found that an overwhelming amount of people who test positive for Covid-19 do not have enough vitamin D in their bodies and the sickest of patients are often deficient.

Vitamin D levels are often lower during winter months as sunlight levels are too low for the body to make the vitamin — with those with darker skin at even higher risk. 

Cristiano Ronaldo has urged fans to ‘respect but not fear’ coronavirus in his first comments since testing positive on Tuesday. Pictured: Ronaldo watching his teammates training session from a balcony after being given his results

The 35-year-old hit back at claims he had breached protocol by flying to Italy on Wednesday to insist he had done everything by the book. Pictured: The Juventus star returning to Turin Airport, Italy

The athlete said: ‘The sun helps a lot. People don’t have that perception, but it does a lot of good.

‘When I get the chance, I do some sunbathing. In Turin it is more difficult, but I always try to get 20 or 30 minutes of sunshine.

‘I love being on my terrace soaking up the sun, it’s very important.

‘Having high vitamin C and D, with high levels, Selenium, Omega 3… eating well and properly, doing sport.

‘A lot of people don’t like it but just walking is important . And sleeping well, having a good night’s sleep is the best medicine.

‘With everything off, no lights on. Thank God I sleep well every night, always eight or 9 hours a day.

‘Invest in it, it is essential.

‘Eat well, lots of vegetables, lots of greens and don’t abuse sweets to have a strong immune system.

Ronaldo (bottom left) posed for a photo with his teammates during a club meal just hours before finding out he had Covid-19

He added: ‘In my next Instagram Live I will give my opinion and my point of view on what I have been studying in the last years.

‘I wish you all health and urge you not to be afraid of the virus and face the reality, but respect it.’

He also hit back at Italian sports minister Vincenzo Spadaforo who had claimed earlier in the week he believed Ronaldo may have broken coronavirus protocol by jetting to Italy from Portugal in an air ambulance 24 hours after he tested positive.

The former Manchester United star said: ‘I did not break any protocol.

‘They’re saying that I broke Italian laws but it’s all a lie.

‘I spoke with my team and we have the responsibility to do things right.

‘Everything was done with authorisation. Principally for the Italian man whose name I’m not going to say, it’s a lie, I abided by all the protocols.’

Cristiano showed off his physique by his pool in a social media photo posted earlier today as his mother said that he had been keeping to a separate part of his mansion in Turin

Earlier in the day, Cristiano’s mother Dolores Aveiro had revealed the Juventus striker was ‘doing well’.

Speaking before Cristiano showed off his ripped body by his pool in a social media photo, she told Portuguese daily Correio da Manha: ‘He’s doing well, thanks God.

‘Unfortunately I can’t be with him but I’m supporting him from a distance.’

She added that he had been keeping to a separate part of his mansion in Turin – said to be formed by two adjoining villas with different entrances boasting at least six bedrooms and as many bathrooms. 

‘He’s in the same house with Georgina and the kids, but in separate spaces and taking great care,’ she said.

‘Georgina and the children were tested recently and they showed they didn’t have coronavirus but they’re going to test again.’

Dolores, who is back to full health after suffering a life-threatening stroke in March, also shared a screen grab of a video call between her and her daughter Katia and Cristiano.

The message she wrote alongside the screen grab said: ‘Family… my life’ alongside a heart emoticon and added: ‘Far from my eyes but near to my heart.’

Katia, who is on a brief visit to Portugal from Brazil where she now lives, had made headlines on Wednesday after appearing to rubbish Cristiano’s coronavirus positive in a bizarre rant shared by Dolores.

She vented her rage after it emerged the 35-year-old Juventus forward had asked another lab to test him for Covid after two positives at the laboratory the Portuguese FA use.

Another non-lab test after his first positive is said to have come back inconclusive.

She struck a calmer note today as he insisted on social media she respected coronavirus but insisted there were other illnesses and health problems that should be respected in the same way.

She said: ‘I really respect this virus and I would never say the opposite.

‘But I don’t agree with bringing the world to a halt.

‘There are people who have stopped working, there are people with psychological problems, and people who are feeling suicidal.

‘This also has to be respected. I want everything to return to normal and God to protect us from human evil.’

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