Gov. Cuomo Lashes Out At Reporter Asking Whether He Will Close New York Schools Over COVID


New York Governor Andrew Cuomo screamed at a reporter who tried to get clarification Wednesday on whether he intended to close schools statewide amid a spike in COVID cases.

Cuomo became angry after Wall Street Journal reporter Jimmy Vielkind asked whether New York schools would be closed tomorrow as COVID infection rates rise.

“Alright, first of all, let’s try not to be obnoxious and offensive in your tone. Because you’re 100-percent wrong,” Cuomo scolded Vielkind.

Vielkind followed up by asking if Cuomo intended to enforce such a decision unilaterally.

“Does the city have the ability to close its schools, are you now taking control saying you have the power to make this decision? And for the millions of parents who want to know — are the schools going to open tomorrow in New York City?” he asked.

“If you were paying attention you would’ve known that we closed the schools in New York City two weeks ago,” Cuomo snapped, referring to Queens and Brooklyn. “Follow the facts!”

After Vielkind claimed he was “still confused” and that “parents are still confused as well,” Cuomo lost it.

“Well, then you’re confused!” Cuomo shouted. “No, they’re not confused, you’re confused.”

After Cuomo said “schools are open by state law,” a New York Times reporter attempted to clarify if that would be the case tomorrow.

“But will they [New York City schools] be open tomorrow? That’s the question. I think Jimmy’s correct in asking that question. I don’t think it’s obnoxious at all,” she said.

“Well, I don’t really care what you think. Of course, you agree with him because you’re in the same business with him,” Cuomo barked.

Meanwhile, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio declared that schools in the city would close due to rising COVID cases.

New York City has reached the 3% testing positivity 7-day average threshold. Unfortunately, this means public school buildings will be closed as of tomorrow, Thursday Nov. 19, out an abundance of caution.


We must fight back the second wave of COVID-19.

— Mayor Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) November 18, 2020

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