VIDEO: Antifa Cowers Behind Police Protection At Million MAGA March


An overwhelming presence of presence of patriotic American citizens descended on Washington, D.C. Saturday for the Million MAGA March against voter fraud, and as promised antifa black bloc and Black Lives Matter showed up to counter-protest. Curiously, however, while Antifa and BLM are known for their anti-police rhetoric, their members largely opted to hide behind lines of uniformed riot police while waving signs emblazoned with empty, violent threats.

Video footage from the march shows a contingent of black bloc Antifa cowering behind the police while holding up banners with violent calls to “Punch MAGA in the face,” as well as “Biden/Harris 2020” campaign signs.

Trump supporters can be heard repeatedly calling the antifa members “p**sies” in the footage.

DC: Trump Supporters and Antifa face off as Antifa hides behind police protection in front of the US Supreme Court

Antifa is holding a banner that says “Punch a MAGA in the Face”

— Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) November 14, 2020

DC: Antifa is now being protected by MPD officers in riot gear

Tensions rise here in front of the US Supreme Court between Trump Supporters and Antifa

Antifa is completely out numbered today here in DC

— Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) November 14, 2020

DC: Patriots and Trump Supporters chant “USA” in the face of Antifa’s small convoy in front of the US Supreme Court

— Drew Hernandez (@livesmattershow) November 14, 2020

Harrison comments on the actual love and support Alex Jones is getting while in D.C.

National File found another small contingent of Antifa, some wearing cheap tactical vests and gas masks, on the ground at the march. Heavily outnumbered by Trump supporters, the black bloc activists did not seem interested in engaging in their trademark tactics of violence and arson when there was a chance of backlash.

Counter protesters being greeted by millions of Trumpers

— Monarch-Elect Tom Pappert (Sponsored By Dominion™) (@realTomPappert) November 14, 2020

Several hours before the march, members of the Proud Boys chauvinist organization marched through the D.C. streets shouting the phrase, “F**k Antifa!”

This is giant. Hundreds of Proud Boys and supporters marching on the streets of DC chanting “FUCK ANTIFA” two hours ahead of the #MillionMAGAMarch.

— Ford Fischer (@FordFischer) November 14, 2020

Overall, Saturday’s march has been markedly peaceful, as despite their bold aspirations to “punch Nazis” and “punch MAGA in the face,” BLM and Antifa activists seemed mostly content to stand well behind the lines of protective Metro police tasked with preserving their safety.

The numbers of Trump supporters at the million MAGA march appeared to easily dwarf the numbers of violent Black Lives Matter rioters who had assembled in the same city just a few months before.

UPDATE: As the days events ended and families began exiting the event locations, violent cowards associated with Black Lives Matter and Antifa have singled out children, the elderly, women, and young couples walking alone for robberies and violent assaults. No instances of attacks on groups of able-bodied adult men have been reported.